The best protection against virtual threats.

We work to protect the organization’s systems, networks and programs from digital attacks, taking advantage of a set of procedures and tools to protect these assets from cyberattacks, extortion or interruptions in business continuity.

Defensive Security (DS Team) ciberseguridad tangercg

Defensive Security (DS Team)

Incident Responses, Threat Hunting, Malware Analysis, Information Recovery, Antivirus, Preventive Analysis, Forensic Analysis, Remediation, Deactivation / Crash.

Shield your company with the best team of Cybersecurity specialists.

Consulting Services (CS Team) ciberseguridad tangercg

Consulting Services (CS Team)

Don’t improvise, plan your cybersecurity strategy now.

Professional consulting service based on industry best practices. Strategy, policy, controls, analysis, strengthening and more.

Offensive Security (OS Team) ciberseguridad tangercg

Offensive Security (OS Team)

Strengthen your technological infrastructure with the Offensive Security service.

Our team executes: Vulnerability Analysis, Penetration Testing, Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis. With this type of testing, the aim is to make recommendations for strengthening and best security practices.

Managed Security Services (MSS Team) ciberseguridad tangercg

Managed Security Services (MSS Team)

With the managed security service, we take care of the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring and managing your network, systems and data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Preventive, defense, incident management and others.

Protection & Prevention (P&P Team) ciberseguridad tangercg

Protection & Prevention (P&P Team)

Protect and prevent threats with Protection & Prevention Team.

Protection and prevention is executed through: EDR, Mobile App Security, Anti DDos, encrypted DLP and others.

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