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We have become a leader in the national and international market in Information Technology for the Gas Station Industry, providing comprehensive solutions to distribute, market, design and implement products and services focused on the energy sector.

We specialize in solutions that include different technologies from the most prestigious brands in the sector and that we proudly represent such as: eGas, Panasonic, Lenovo, DELL, HP, AWS, Epson, Fortinet, ITIL, Microsoft, among many others.

We offer a turnkey start-up service for stations, self-consumption, distributors, marketers and mobile units.

This allows us to provide comprehensive cutting-edge solutions in the IT sector from beginning to end and in constant evolution, our services are focused on the design, maintenance, implementation and administration of a solid technological infrastructure.

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Volumetric Control Suite egas central tangercg

Volumetric Control Suite

The eGas Volumetric Control Suite is an ideal solution that allows administering and managing administrative and operational activities for service stations, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

In addition, the volumetric control software allows you to:

  • Administration and control of dispatches in real time
  • Communication with the most commercial dispensaries on the market
  • Compatible with different brands of tank monitoring
  • Total control of consumption due to its direct connection to the dispensary
  • Automatic dispatch authorization using personalized identifiers
  • Scheduled dispensary opening and closing
  • Reduction of administrative expenses and elimination of unauthorized charges

Business Modules

Complete business modules developed for the best performance of your business:

eGas ERP: Centralize all your business activity in one place, which guarantees greater efficiency and control. Optimize operational processes, greater visibility, better administration thanks to ERP eGas.

eGas POS: Manage point of sale operations in detail, maintaining the correct inventory and offering better service to customers.

eGas BI: Better results in all aspects of
business, using the BI application. With BI, you can apply artificial intelligence to your business, achieving the best management results thanks to Business Intelligence technology.

Productivity Modules egas central tangercg

Productivity Modules

The productivity modules allow you to be more efficient in the management and administration of your business.

PAYMENT $: More business for your service station offering airtime recharges and payment of services.

EFFECTIGAS: Certified platform as an electronic purse that allows different gasoline groups to obtain the certification of their own electronic purse.

EFFECT $: Implement loyalty programs at your service station, offering your customers trust and loyalty.

EfectiFactura: Provide convenience to your customers for the issuance of invoices through a 100% WEB application.

QSSTORAGE: Safeguard all your information in our cloud service.

Secure Payment: Avoid bank card fraud by making charges linked to the dispatch.

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