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Digital tools that empower the management of attraction and talent management

  • 100% customizable and free site.
  • Simultaneous posting of job posts
  • Frequent questions.
  • Technical support chat online for candidates and recruiters.
  • User manuals and tutorial videos.
  • Advanced filters (RIA) according to vacancy.
  • Automated selection of suitable candidates.
  • Comprehensive attraction and selection digital platform
  • Total traceability of processes and applicants.
  • Powerful software to analyze and group data.
  • Detailed information to improve decision making.
  • ON DEMAND: Recorded.
  • LIVE: Live.
  • Publish your offers on social and professional networks from our platform.
  • Direct messages with candidates.
  • Internal communication with your colleagues.
  • PDA behavioral testing.
  • Complete profile of candidates
  • Database of approved and unapproved candidates.
  • Grouping by requests.
  • Security of the information.

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