CLM: Contract Lifecycle Management

Artificial Intelligence enabled Volody Contract Management Software helps businesses digitize & automate their legal agreements drafting, negotiations, approval, signing, and management.

Integrated with office system, email system, CRM and ERP system Volody Contract Management Software becomes an integral part of your business.

What are companies facing today?

Businesses today that do not have an automated contract solution face the following issues…

Manual drafting

Manual drafting of contracts that slows down the entire process and makes this operational task longer and more tedious.

Physical storage

Physical storage of files and documents without digital access to information in an easy way.


Access to a 100% digital database available at all times.

Erratic processes

Erratic contract drafting flow from companies with no liability and limited follow-up.


Access to signed contracts is a great challenge that delays actions to achieve smooth operations.


Lack of workflows results in untraceable documents, leading to extreme delays and failures

Why Volody?


Smart integrated DIY features to make Contract LifeCycle Management System usable as per your specific needs


Volody ensures guaranteed 7 days go-live promise with easy access on all devices

Smart solution

AI enabled Smart Contract Management solution with features like risk matrix & obligation management


Machine learning based algorithms for onboarding of legacy contracts

Smart contracts

Digitize contract writing, creation, execution and signing with Volody’s CLM software.

Easy, safe & faster deployment

Volody Contract Management Software makes you ready to go with an immediate installation with on-cloud & on-premise models.

Solution for all types of contracts

Volody Contract Management Software is a comprehensive solution- Ideal for both Buy-side and Sell-side contracts allowing businesses to negotiate best terms for all type of contracts.

Intelligent Contract creation

Volody Contract Management Software intelligently automates contract drafting and allows users to smartly create contracts by answering basic questions and key terms of contracts.

One-click access Dashboard

Volody Contract Management Software gives role-based dashboards allowing the user to see only what they should be seeing.

Intelligent approval matrix

Every contract requires certain approval before signing be it regarding pricing, commitment, requirement or budget, Volody Software is designed to understand the business internal approval matrix and adopt to it.

Communication with stakeholders

Communicate with all the internal & external stakeholders to share documents & notes and integrates with your email system which allows users to send & receive email notifications.

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CLM: Contract Lifecycle Management de Volody

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